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Customer Testimonials

Wheat Ridge Garden Tour

“Donald Nash provided an invaluable service for the 2015 Wheat Ridge Garden Tour.  He was Mr. Slate, a living sculpture, as one of our gardens on the tour.  He was absolutely amazing in every way. ..Garden Tour attendees mentioned how he not only looked like a statue, but he was also excellent at staying in character.  He was great with the kids as well as the adults, encouraging people to draw and paint on his suit.  Donald was a true professional, arriving on time, staying in character, staying until the Garden Tour was over (6 hours later).  He provided great entertainment for over 200 guests. I highly recommend his services!”


Milly Nadler, Wheat Ridge Garden Tour Co-Chair

Lafayette Arts Night Out

"Donald did a great job engaging families and people of all ages. He seemed to be having a great time himself, which always makes a  performer more fun to watch. 

I love seeing little kids looking  waaaaaayyyyy up at this really tall person. Great fun. Thanks!!"

"Booker "

Colorado Mental Wellness Network

"Donald is engaging, talented, and fun! 

He adds so much to his performance with his personality and style. 

Watching him entertain is a delight that is always remembered. 

He is truly the life of the party"

Jennifer Hill

Manager of programs & volunteers

Mac and Cheese Festival

“Donald, we thought you were absolutely fantastic! 

The [kite] races and Mr. Slate were phenomenal!

 We are so glad you were able to join us. Thank you so much!